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i_fell_so_fast's Journal

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I’m Tiffany
Tornadoes still scare me
I can’t live without chocolate, but only pure milk chocolate
I can be spiteful
But only when I feel like I’ve been scorned
Some songs make me cry
I feel things too deeply
I have enemies
But I’ve tried to make amends
They, apparently, weren’t ready to let go of the past
One thing you can’t call me is boring
I’m an overachiever
But I’m also a slacker
I’m proud of myself, and I’m confident
You will never hear me put myself down, at least not seriously
I write on myself with pen when I’m bored
Usually a little ink heart on the inside of my left ankle
Orrr LOVE on my toes, one letter to every toe, except my big toe
Because those are where I would want a tattoo
The only classical music I can stand is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
I like things that are out of the ordinary
People think I’m rich
And that I’m a snob
But I'm not really
Writing is a huge part of my life, from journalism to short stories to novels
But you’re more than lucky if I ever let you read any creative writing of mine
Love really *is* the movement
I don’t see why everyone’s so obsessed with the beach
I prefer waterfalls
I’m a true Pisces
Nickelback = love
I can drive, but I don’t like to because I think it’s a pain
My moods change faster than I’d like to admit
I have a 34 on the ACTs
And I'm a National Merit finalist
I get homesick easily
I’m not all that fond of the city
The worst thing you could ever do in my book is drink and drive
I mean, how stupid can you get?
I only cuss when I'm really, really mad
Which means if I cuss you out, you did something awfully, horribly, unfixably wrong
I’m overly sensitive to cigarette smoke
I’m not very political
But I love learning about history
Especially JFK, the Vietnam War and Pearl Harbor
I’m defiant
Photography fascinates me, especially black and white
I used to ride horses
I used to do a lot of stuff that I don’t anymore
I hate drama
But unfortunately, my life is full of it
Only special people call me Tiff or Tiffy—it’s Tiffany for everyone else
I like my cursive handwriting better than my print… most of the time
I eat chocolate nonstop
My Kraft mac and cheese and my Betty Crocker cookies are unbeatable
Beyond that, I have no cooking skills
I love to sign yearbooks
And if you’re special you’ll get a good two or three pages of writing from me
And I hate it when people only write HAGS or KATS and then sign their name
My sister is the most incredible person I know
And although my brother is annoying, I love him too
I’m always up for a good adventure
Sometimes I feel lonely
But I don’t show it
I love earrings
But only dangly ones
The last day of school is amazing
But so is the first
Autumn is my favorite season
I’m picky
Lately, I’ve been fascinated with stories that don’t have a “happily ever after”
Tom Cruise is really hot
But Matt Dillon is even better
I'm not careless with my heart
I love Hilary Duff movies
And I like Mary Kate better than Ashley
Hugs are amazing
I love personality quizzes and junk like that
I'm an OU fan
But not a hardcore one
I'm not photogenic
But I will take nonstop pictures nonetheless
I'm a fork person, as in I eat everything with a fork, not a spoon
Macaroni and Cheese must be eaten off a plate, not out of a bowl
Walking Across Egypt is the best movie ever
I have an iPod Nano, and I’m addicted to it
I have green eyes
I don’t believe that love conquers all
And I don't believe in love at first sight
I wear flip-flops as often as I can
I’ve had my wisdom teeth removed
Two best friends aren’t always better than one
I have an obsession with fried okra
Anyone that isn't important or close to me, I trust too easily
But anybody that I care about, I don't trust near enough
Yeah, I'm backward
Cut me some slack, I'm working on it
I was the Editor-in-Chief of my school newspaper staff
And proud of it, too
I've fainted
I'm super sensitive to temperature
My room is littered with pictures
I don't like candy
Except for pixie stix
I don't drink, nor do I smoke
I still have almost every ticket stub and note I’ve ever gotten
Vanilla is my favorite scent
I've only dyed my hair once, and that was a disaster
I never totally loved the first Dirty Dancing
But I adored the second one
I love big, chunky necklaces
And I like the rain
But not in an emo, depressed way
I just think it's pretty and soothing and cozy... and fun to kiss in
; )